At Balloons & Beyond, we know how important your baby's christening is or the look on your mam's face when you throw her a surprise 60th birthday party. We know these are memories you want to cherish forever, which is why our priority is providing you with a party you'll never forget!

We offer a range of services including balloon decor, party-ware, banners, confetti, face painting, chair cover hire and popcorn and candy floss machine hire to suit every occasion from birthday celebrations to kids' parties, christenings to weddings, anniversaries to engagement parties and much more!

And if there's something you can't find on our website, get in touch as we offer personalised and tailor-made displays and packages to cater specifically for you!

Call or email us now to make your special event a memorable one!

Delivery Rates

Some of our balloons are available for collection, please contact us to find out more.


We calculate our delivery prices based on the size of your order and your distance from Houghton-le-Spring:

  • Free Delivery - on all orders within a 2 mile radius of Houghton.

Please contact us for delivery rates outside of a 2 mile radius of Houghton-le-Spring.

Terms & Conditions

Customers are responsible for reading our terms & conditions. If you have any queries regarding these terms, please contact us for more information. By placing an order with us and securing the order with a deposit, you are acknowledging and accepting our terms & conditions.

Booking & Payment Terms

When placing an order, we require between a 20% to 30% non-refundable deposit on booking to secure your date. The amount of your deposit is based on the size of your order. The remaining balance must be paid 10 days before the date of your event, unless otherwise stated.

If we do not receive your deposit within 2 weeks of placing the order, we reserve the right to cancel your order. You are responsible for contacting us if you would still like to go ahead with your order after this 2 week period.  We will try to accommodate your booking after this time, subject to availability.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, in cash or by cheque.  Your booking is not secure until you have received confirmation that your deposit payment has been received.  Please note cheque payments will not be confirmed until the payment has cleared.  Receipts are available on request for cash payments.

Cancellation & Refunds

In the event of cancellation, you must give written confirmation of cancellation.  

- Bookings cancelled within a 14 day period of the event date are 100% non-refundable and you will incur charges of 100% of the outstanding balance if this has not already been paid.  

- For bookings cancelled 14-60 days prior to the event date, 50% of your outstanding balance is non-refundable and you will incur charges of 50% of the outstanding balance if this has not already been paid.  

- For bookings cancelled before the 60 day period leading up to the event date, 25% of your outstanding balance is non-refundable if you choose to cancel however, you will not incur any additional charges of expected costs if you have not paid the outstanding balance prior to cancellation. 

We are happy to offer you the option of a gift voucher or to transfer your booking to a later date, subject to availability, in the instance of any cancellation.  This does not apply to your non-refundable deposit.

Refunds - We are happy to offer you a gift voucher or to have payment returned to your original payment method.  Please note refunds can take up to 10 working days for cash and bank transfer refunds or 20 working days for cheque refunds.

Changes can be made to bookings, however refunds are not available if you choose to decrease the size of your order within the 14 day period leading up to your booking. For exceptional circumstances leading to a cancellation, we review each case individually and reserve the right to offer a part refund or no refund if supplies have already been purchased for your order.

We may cancel your booking at any time and without liability to the client if;

- You do not pay the full balance stated 10 days prior to the event.

- We are unable to provide the service for reasons beyond our control including Acts of God.

If we cancel the booking for a reason other than as set out above then we will use our reasonable endeavours to provide an alternative company or source to carry out the service.

In the event of postponement made by you, the client, we reserve the right to hold all monies for the service which can be transferred to an alternative date, subject to availability.  Charges totalling 100% of the outstanding balance must be paid in the event of a postponement.

Hire Equipment

Some of our displays require the use of our hire equipment. We require an additional £10-30 damage deposit for these displays which will be refunded once the equipment is returned to us. For some of our displays including 6ft columns and arches, a member of staff will collect the hire equipment from the venue on the evening or the day after your event. In these cases, your damage deposit will be refunded via bank transfer once the equipment has been collected or in cash if you are present at the venue during the time of collection.

Balloon Care & Standards

Please Note - We always ensure our balloon displays are to the highest quality. We will never deliver balloons if they do not meet our high standards, however once the displays have left our possession, we hold no responsibility for replacing popped or damaged balloons.

COVID 19 - Due to massive stock shortages as a result of COVID 19, it may not always be possible to get a precise colour match for certain foil balloons e.g. numbers or letters.  We will always try our best to match the shade of your foil balloons to be the same however on occasions where we are unable to, we may have to use alternative brands and there may be a slight difference in the shade of the colour of your balloons.

Please also be aware our patterned double stuffed balloons are heavier than our normal balloons. Sometimes in the summer months, the hot weather can cause these balloons to deflate at a faster rate than normal. Similarly, in winter months, balloons can deflate at a faster rate as a result of the cold weather.  As circumstances and weather conditions vary, this is not always the case and balloons can show no signs of deflation. By ordering these displays, you accept the risks associated with these balloons. If deflation does occur, we recommend removing the outer balloon leaving the inner balloon which should float without issue. Incidents are assessed on a case to case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Storage - If you plan to store your balloons from the point of delivery/collection, we advise taking the displays out of their bag to breathe. Balloons should be stored at room temperature. Cold and/or hot temperatures can cause balloons to deflate at a faster rate. The helium inside foil balloons can compress when in cold temperatures, we advise leaving your balloons for half an hour in room temperature if they have been transported or stored in a cold location.

Sale/Clearance Stock - Please note that clearance sale stock may be up to 5 years old and therefore the quality of the balloons may have decreased over time resulting in faults or shorter inflation times. By choosing to order clearance stock, you accept the risks associated with buying older, poorer quality stock and therefore we hold no responsibility for the quality of this stock and you will not be eligible for a refund as clearance stock has already been discounted for any damaged goods.

Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos

Face painting & glitter tattoo bookings are secured by full balloon payment.  These services can be paid 10 days prior to your event or in cash on the day of the event.  Parents/guardians or the event organiser must sign a consent form prior to the service beginning.  For full information and terms regarding this service, please visit the our Face Painting & Glitter Tattoo page.

Why us?

Balloons & Beyond make it a priority to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction for all of our clients.

We make sure our clients know exactly what we offer with no hidden costs.

We offer personalised and tailor-made displays and packages catered to you.

Set up for all of our displays and services is included in the price.

We are committed to providing you with a party you'll never forget!

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